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Friends of Stevens Creek Trail moving to remove fish migration barrier on Stevens Creek here.


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           Coyote Creek:

    Beauty of a Living Stream






           Stevens Creek:

    Our Dream of Living Streams

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1.  Coyote Creek Tasman Drive to Montague Expressway


Take I-880 north to Tasman Drive exit.   Turn left onto Tasman and go about 1/2 mile. Turn left onto McCarthy Boulevard and park along street. Walk back to Tasman and turn left down sidewalk til you reach the entrance to the levee trail.

2. Coyote Creek Montague Expressway to Charcot Avenue


Take I-880 north to Montague Expressway exit.   Bear left on exit ramp, go under overpass, loop around to right to enter onto Montague Expressway.  Continue about 3/4 mile and turn left at the traffic light.   Go to next light and make a U-turn, returning to Montague Expressway.  Turn right onto the Expressway and go 1000 feet to Kruse Drive. Turn right and park.     Walk carefully on Tasman along the building until you reach the creekside trail.

3.  Coyote Creek at Outdoor Environmental Classroom across from William Street Park


Take I-280 in San Jose to 10th Street Exit.  If coming from the west, turn left and continue up 11th street.  If coming from the east, turn right and continue up 11th Street.  Go 3 blocks and turn left on William Street.  Go 5 to 6 blocks and find street parking.   Walking along north side of William Street Park, entrance to Outdoor Environmental Education Center is through a gate on the other side of the street before you cross the creek.



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